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Knh-consulting is here to help you launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We assemble teams to help with all of the legal, tax, compliance and banking issues you need to be aware of for both your company and its officers.

We are experts in cryptocurrencies and understand the legal workings that underpin an ICO. We will help you to set up your company for your ICO in the most favorable jurisdiction, designing the best corporate structure and selecting the places to setup it based on the unique complexities and number of options available to your specific situation.

We manage the implementation of the entire structure for you, so you have a complete turn-key solution rather than a bunch of pieces to try and put together on your own.

We are the one stop shop to launch your Initial Coin Offering with the proper corporate, legal, tax and banking structure to remain compliant with the laws.

1. Crypto-currency exchange license (The license allows you to trade Crypto to fiat and vise versa).
2. E- wallet license in Estonia (The license allows you to store client Crypto currencies on the exchange account.)

The process contains 2 main steps:

Step 1

Company formation

First we need to incorporate a company in Estonia. The company should have at least one shareholder and one director

The fee: The fee to incorporate the company including annual fees for the 1st year is EUR 3,000 (Company with one shareholder and one director). For any additional shareholder or director, additional EUR150 will apply

Time frame: 7-10 business days

Step 2

Application for the Licenses

Once the company is incorporated we can submit the application for both licenses.The fee: The fee for both the Crypto-currency Exchange License and the E-wallet License is EUR 30,000Time frame: 30-45 business days.The required documents form all individuals involved are as follows (for the shareholder, director and compliance officer):

– Passport copy certified by a notary and apostilled
– Utility bill issued in the last 2 months in English certified by a notary and apostilled
– Police clearance Certificate in English certified by a notary and apostilled
– CV

We also offer you the following services

Our blockchain development services span the delivery of secure decentralized solutions for various domains, and integration of blockchain-based modules into existing software to ensure data integrity and compliance, and reduce fraud.

We offer blockchain consulting and technology support to launch ICO campaigns, including token design, cryptocurrency wallet development, smart contract implementation, landing page and admin part creation, and infrastructure maintenance.

Our platform is a turn-key solution to start a cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage. It offers an unparalleled trading experience coupled with a variety of back-end solutions The platform has a clean layout that includes clear direction for first-time users. Deposits and withdrawals are handled through pop-ups. Users are prompted to deposit Bitcoin using either a deposit address or by scanning a QR code.


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